Coca Cola x UEFA Euros 2020
Problem: Europe is currently feeling divided for a number of reasons. At events such as the Euro’s, differences can come to light in a negative way and commonalities can be forgotten.

Brief: For the first time ever the UEFA Euro’s involves not just one host nation, but 12. Meaning 24 different nations will be mixing with one another and crossing borders in numbers like never before. Almost like a big football fueled party across Europe. As an official sponsor Coca-Cola have tasked us with the job of letting everybody know about it, and to highlight this is a perfect time to share this time together with Coke.

Solution: Being abroad, language can be the biggest barrier  to connecting with others. One thing we all can share in an event like this, is the love of football. Whether a word here, or a player name there, you’ll find a way to connect. Focusing in on this, we used typography used to represent each nation, paired with football phrases in a variety of languages as an interactive way to get help people learn overthe course of the competition.

Project done at Wieden+Kennedy


Creative Director




Juan Sevilla &
Joe De Souza

Jonathan Rands &
Alex Tizard

Kieran Mistry