Kamili - Plantain Rum
Identity, packaging and narrative for the first plantain spiced rum.

A product created by three friends in the height of the pandemic. They looked to create the perfect drink to enjoy upon freedom. Incorporating the plantain a nostalgic food staple from their Nigerian and Caribbean backgrounds, they wanted to build a brand that capture the essence of them and the much loved fruit.

The combination of plantain and rum having never been done before and the name Kamili - meaning ‘perfect’ in Swahili. Led us to the the overarching idea of ‘unexpected perfection’ which became the basis for the brand identity and guided all the creative decisions.

Utilising the brand USP being plantain, we made sure this was front and centre across both the brand and packaging.

**This project is a work in progress and still being developed**

Design/ Art Direction

Kieran Mistry