Mandem — A film by John Ogun
As part of my ongoing creative relationship with director John Ogunmuyiwa, i’ve developed the design direction for the print work for his last two films. 

1. Mandem: A job is just a job, but as with anything, time flies when you’re doing it with your best friend. The film follows Ty & Malcolm as they go about their daily routine.

The design work, looked to capture the intricate relationship of the pair while on the job. The colour treatment drawing from a key scene in the film. 

2. Precious Hair and Beauty: An ode to the mundanity and madness of the high street, told through the window of an African hair salon.

The design drew inspiration from the weathered signage of Hair and Beauty shop front in South London. Whle also developing an overarching style for John’s film to create a sense of unity as we move forward.

Design/ Art Direction

Kieran Mistry