The average play centre is  over stimulating and loud, failing to give parents and children a place to connect and learn.


Redefine the category and create a brand that allows for pure play.

Using the strategic brand idea “Exercise your imagination” as the basis  for the brand, we arrived at the name  ‘Nubo’ meaning ‘cloud’ in esperanto. When looking at clouds, we each see something different and unique while they are also a universal reference to dreaming and imagination, both of which facilitate learning. This idea is visually demonstrated in the brand logo utilising the ‘B’ as a cloud device and is flexibly executed across multiple brand touchpoints including the environmental signage program and heavily informing the architecture of the space.


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Design Director

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Anthony Donovan
Alex Dalmau
Kieran Mistry

Max Delplanque

Maria Briganti
Yvonne Tong