The Preatures 
Create the album and suite of singles for The Preatures new album Girlhood, an album based around the nostaligia of coming of age. 

We provided the band with two solutions.

The first: In an attempt to capture the ephemeral moments that occur during the making of the album, similar to the moments in your teens. We armed the band with disposable cameras to capture the excitement, feelings, thoughts and the nonsense that went into creating each song. These snapshots then became the basis for the album artworks. While the stories told on the album remain a flashback of younger years the, the artworks later serve as a flashback of the present.

The second: We asked the band to collate their trinkets and treasures that represent the thoughts on the album. With these elements we emulated the wall of a teenager, again serving as a sentimental snapshot of the fleeting moments of being a teen. From there we took sections of the wall to create each artwork, creating an almost puzzle like series of covers.

***Unfortunately due to licenscing issues, this work did not go live


Creative Director
Art Director/ Designer



Vince Frost
Kieran Mistry

Andrew Cowen